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2022 Best Paper Awards

Deadline: TBA  

The Science Unbound Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation, has as its mission:

“Furthering scientific knowledge in the service of health, happiness, and quality of life of humankind through scientific research and education.”

The Science Unbound Foundations’ giving is primarily limited to research and educational activities in the areas of Obesity, Nutrition, Statistical Science, and Public Health topics of critical importance to today’s research agenda. The Science Unbound Foundation offers five awards on an annual basis.

The five “Best Paper” awards are for:

The institutions are chosen because of their established strength in this area and demonstrated success in promoting research on these topics.  To be eligible, applicants must be the first or senior (last) author of a paper published during the year under consideration and not have won the award in the last 2 years. In 2023, awards will be given for papers appearing in peer-reviewed journals in 2022. The competition is open to investigators at all levels. Each award winner will receive a plaque and a cash prize:  $1,000 for faculty and post-docs and $500 for students.

To apply, please submit the following to